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Geospatial Applications

The Community College of Baltimore County is the only community college in Maryland and one of only four community colleges on the east coast to offer a degree program in Geospatial Applications. Geospatial Applications involves the ability to integrate geography (maps) and information (data) and then access, manipulate and utilize the results via systems (computers). GIS has proven to be a valuable tool in a variety of applications, from identifying prospective customers for businesses to tracking heavy concentrations of over-the-counter drug sales by disease control centers. And its uses continue to grow. From homeland security to journalism, GIS has proven to be an effective tool. Geospatial Technology has been identified as one of 12 presidential high growth fields, and the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that more than 208,000 jobs will be added between 2002 and 2012 in Geospatial and related fields. Offering a degree and certificate program in GA places CCBC in the position to significantly impact the area's availability of a work force educated in the field. For additional information about CCBC’s Geospatial Applications degree and certificate program, contact Scott Jeffrey at 443-840-5936 or

Geospatial A.A.S. Degree

Introduction to Geospatial Applications Certificate

Advanced Geospatial Applications Certificate

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Program Coordinators:

CCBC Catonsville:  Scott Jeffery
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CCBC Essex:  Jaime Alvarez
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