Nursing Prep Institute


Nursing Program Options

Completion of the NPI will prepare students to apply for admission into several nursing programs:

CCBC RN Program : Graduates earn an associate of science degree in nursing.

CCBC Associate to Bachelor's (ATB): Graduates earn both an associate degree in nursing and a bachelor's degree in nursing. ATB is a cooperative venture between four-year institutions and the CCBC Nursing Program.

Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Programs: Students can complete pre-requisite courses for a four-year nursing program.

ARTSYS - The Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities

For more information on transferring to a four-year college within Maryland, students should visit the ARTSYS website. ARTSYS is intended to aid the transfer of students from Maryland community colleges to the University System of Maryland institutions and other participating institutions. This is the articulation system for Maryland. Students can access available majors and programs, information on how general educaiton credits will transfer, and what the school they wish to transfer suggests they take while they are enrolled at CCBC.

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