Safe Zone Allies

What is a Safe Zone Ally?

  • Someone who is informed with accurate and current information on LGBT issues.
  • Someone who creates an atmosphere of safety and support, inclusive of the needs of LGBT students, faculty and staff.
  • Someone who respects confidentiality concerning questions about LGBT issues.
  • Someone who is aware of the services available to LGBT youth and adults, including support groups, hotlines, and other community resources.
  • Someone who will encourage others to attend Safe Zone training sessions and meetings.
  • Someone who will continue to learn about the issues affecting LGBT students, faculty and staff.
  • Someone who will challenge hate speech, name-calling, harassment, and discrimination, and real or threatened violence as it pertains to LGBT students, faculty, and staff, or those perceived to be LGBT.

Adapted from the University of North Carolina Greensboro’s website:

CCBC Safe Zone Allies

Arman, Beth C BESS 202H
Balson-Dreyer, Knikky C LABB - 203
Barnes, Johari E ADMIN - 121

Baunoch,Beth C HUMN -117A

Bartlett, Fred C HTECH- 200
Black, F Scott S. E AHUM- 315
Briggs, Stephanie C HUMN - 213F

Brown, Nina E.

E BESS- 216
Burke, Brian C LABB- 205
Burke, Jill E. D COMM- 110
Clark, Ryan C ARTS- 110
Clemons, Thomas C CSRV 225
Coffey, Joe D COMM - 213
Coleman, Larry E E COMM– 123A
Crist, Laura E WELL- 4
Crossman, Patti E AHUM - 311
Courter, Zolita D COMM- 200
Duda, Caitlin E ADMIN- 112
Edwards, Laura E SSRV- 260
Farrell, Brian C WELL - 3000i
Fenton, Susan E WELL- 5
Ferraris-O'Neall, Patricia E BESS- 308 A
Garcia, Mary Jo D COMM - 209
Gebren, Susan C. C FARM- 100
Goehner, Kyle V. E SSRV - 301
Griner, Heather D SSRV- 100D
Gronberg-Quinn, Linda S. D COMM-217
Gunn, Brian C HUMN- 115
Hanks, Andrew C WELL- 106A
Henry, Jean C BESS- 205
Hervey, Martha E SSRV - 247
Hibner, Jessica C CNED- 107
Hoover, Salley C BARN 101
Holmes, Lois E SSRV- 327
Hutchinson, Deborah E WELL- 53B
Jester-Sorrick Penny C. D WELL- 104
LeVan-Krug, Rosanne C HTEC- 311B
Lawton, John C FARM- 205
Lesko, Vicki E LIBR208A
Lewis, Josephine A. C BESS- 337
Kantorski, Cheryl C LIBR- 324
Knowles, Donald E SSRV- 110
Lam, Dat C LIBR- 100
Maker, Alvin C CSRV- 228
MacLaughlin, Ken D WELL- 203A
Mintzer, Dave D WELL- 209A
Payne, Sarita E SSRV- 241
Pratnicki, Vanessa E SSRV- 150
Quintero-Hall Patricia D COMM- 209
Ramsey, Pat C HUMN - 213
Robinson, Theresa C BESS - 331
Rusnak, Andrew E AHUM- 325
Scott, Caroline D SSRV- 104
Slusher, Morgan P. E BESS- 217
Smith, Patricia D COMM- 145
Stogel, Cathy S. C SSRV- 200
Trivane, Sheri E AHUM- 322
Shaw, Michael E SSRV - 231
Shifflett, Katie E SSRV - 210
Spiegelman, Jason C BESS- 301
Swiston, Joan C HILT- 402
Washington, Eric E SSRV- 100
Zimmerman, Nancy C BESS- 307
Zlotowitz, Harriet E SSRV- 100

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