CCBC facts


   CCBC boosts state and local economies.

  • As many as 95 percent of CCBC students remain in the state and contribute to economic growth.
  • The state of Maryland benefits from improved health and reduced welfare, unemployment and crime, saving the public some $9 million per year.
  • The regional economy is $1.7 billion stronger due to CCBC.

   CCBC helps maximizes taxpayer dollars.
  • For every dollar appropriated to CCBC by state and local government, taxpayers will see a cumulative return of $3 in the form of higher tax revenues and avoided social costs.
  • Taxpayers see a real money return of 15 percent on their annual investments in CCBC.

   CCBC helps students earn more.
  • Students enjoy an attractive 23 percent annual return on their investment of time and money at CCBC.
  • Students see their annual income increase by $196 per year for every credit completed at CCBC.
  • Over the course of a working lifetime, associate degree graduates from CCBC earn $443,300 more than someone with a high school diploma.

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