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Everyone plays a role in creating and maintaining a safe environment. As partners in campus safety and security, we all have the shared responsibility to keep safety and security in mind no matter what we are doing. Remember, no college campus is a haven from crime, so be security conscious and report all crimes, emergencies, suspicious persons and conditions to the Public Safety Department. The Public Safety Department is staffed by full-time uniformed public safety officers 24 hours-a-day. The officers patrol the campus in marked cars, bicycles, and on foot. Officers investigate and report all crimes and incidents to the administration for proper action. Our Public Safety staff works closely with the Baltimore County Police Department and will summons their assistance as needed, or as requested by a victim of a crime.

CCBC Catonsville, Dundalk and Essex are open campus which welcomes faculty/staff, students, and citizens to use the facilities available as scheduled by the college. Faculty/staff and students are issued identification cards. Everyone using the campus is required to show proper identification when requested by a public safety officer or by authorized personnel of the college. Visitors are welcome on campus when conducting business or using the facilities in accordance with college policy. All buildings, grounds, and lighting are maintained with a concern for safety and security. All buildings are locked and secured by public safety officers in accordance with scheduled activities in the buildings. No authorized people are allowed in the buildings during the hours they are closed.

If a student should become a victim of a crime, confidential counseling service can be provided by our college counseling department to any student experiencing difficulties. Please keep our college counseling services in mind.

The Public Safety Department monitors all crimes occurring on campus, and provides timely crime prevention memos regarding any crime pattern developing on campus.

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