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 Student Comments About Their Service Learning Experience

The following comments were based on students who served from 5 to 6 hours at a community site from 3 classes in the spring of 2004.

 “When I first heard of having to complete this assignment I had to admit that the idea of working somewhere for a project seemed like extra work that I just couldn’t imagine fitting into my busy schedule at the time……….However, once I completed the required number of hours and learned more about what they aimed to achieve at the clinic I had a newfound sense of helping children and helping myself in the process.”  

 “My initial feeling about our service learning project was that it was going to be a burden to the semester. Feeling extremely overwhelmed by the academic semester as well as work, I was worried that I wouldn’t have time or the motivation to put in the six hours of service. After completion of my service I realized not only did I have the time but also, I couldn’t have guessed how effected I was by the project. I had a chance to learn from others and learn about myself and the power and ability I had to make change. I was not only extremely blessed by the experience but it was refreshing to know that I may have made a difference.”

 “Volunteering for Moveable Feast was a humbling experience. I would do it again in a heart beat………You would be surprised at how many people you would indirectly affect with only 5 hours of volunteering………I think that there should be more service learning assignments in the school’s curriculum.”

 “During my experience volunteering, many times I found myself daydreaming about what if it were me in the situation of these people battling this disease?……..Since finishing my six hours of service learning at Moveable Feast I have signed on to be a regular volunteer there………I have a new sense of self and a new idea of what it means to be alive.”

 “It was a very refreshing experience. It taught me to look beyond what the eye can see…….These 6 or so hours that I volunteered my time to work with special kids was some of the best 6 hours I have ever spent. I plan on volunteering more of my time throughout the summer……….”

 “Before volunteering at Our Daily Bread, I was not so excited about volunteering; all I could think about was what I could be doing besides taking care of homeless people……..When I first arrived at Our Daily Bread, I was standing there like, I was too good to be there, and had an attitude before even volunteering. I was thinking about what I could have been doing with time, especially because it was spring break………After volunteering time at Our Daily Bread, I would have to say working there for just one day has changed my outlook on life. I am no longer about having a lot of material wealth, but being more grateful for what I do have in life like family and friends………I would be happy to go back and volunteer for them again.”

 “I am truly grateful for this project being assigned. I have learned many things about myself as well as about Latinos……..Had this project never been assigned, I would of never gotten to meet the wonderful children of EBLO and I would not of know or gotten to deal with and confront the hidden prejudices I had.”

 “I chose to perform my service learning at a local methadone clinic, spending three days assisting in clerical tasks and even sitting in on counseling sessions…….The lessons I learned from this experience are immeasurable………In the future, I know I will carry this experience with me. Not only has it changed my outlook on people who have a drug addiction, but also I will most certainly continue my volunteer work at this clinic.”

 “Well to be perfectly honest, at the beginning of the semester I was not too enthusiastic about doing a community service activity. I really was not looking forward to going somewhere for five hours with a bunch of people that I did not know…….However after my experience my perspective changed significantly………Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable experience……..”

 “All in all, I did this project simply because I had to for class. I had no interest interacting with people I didn’t know. I am not the kind of person who feels comfortable interacting with strangers. Sometimes all we talk about in class is that why some people are the way they are but go out there and experience on your own was one great phenomenon………..Sometimes we judge people without knowing them or for what I hear from others about them, but as life goes on you learn something everyday and this is one big lesson I learned from doing this project. After all this was a great experience and very useful project.”

 ……..I was only supposed to be there for five hours for the service learning project, which means five Sundays. But I enjoyed being there so much that I decided to stay there longer. It taught me many things……..”

 “For me, this started out as an obligation, a project that I had to get out of the way to pass a class. But, as I was completing these hours, I felt really good about it and it felt less like an obligation and more like fun……..I had fun volunteering and will probably go back again soon; it felt good to know that I can help out so many people in such a short amount of time.”

 “I would definitely want to volunteer my services again for the clinic at Essex……….The experience to me has been nothing but beneficial, it was truly a great learning experience for my career……..”

 “This experience has been a very eye opening one. Most people don’t realize how impersonal we really are towards one another, until they are given an opportunity to do an assignment such as this one. I have really learned a lot by doing this assignment……….In conclusion, this assignment has really had a tremendous impact on my life.”

 “My service learning experience enhanced as well as changed by understanding, thinking, and feelings about the course content. This project really put everything we have learned into perspective. Service learning gave me a new perspective on issues that I always used to dismiss since they did not concern me.”

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