Green Car Program

Drive Clean, Park Close

An eco-friendly car will lessen your carbon footprint and get you farther on a gallon of gas, but did you know it can also get you a better parking space at CCBC Catonsville?

If you drive a fuel-efficient, low-emission vehicle, you could be eligible to park in a limited number of preferred parking spots on the side of the Catonsville library in Lot #8. Follow the simple steps below to get your Green Car Sticker. Spaces are limited so a sticker does not necessarily guarantee you a preferred spot.

Three Easy Steps to Registering Your Car:

  1. Determine whether your vehicle is a Green Car. The Green Car list can be obtained by clicking HERE. If you don’t see your vehicle on this list, your vehicle is not qualified for Green Car preferred parking spaces.
  2. Get your Green Car sticker - Bring a completed application form and a photo ID to the CCBC Catonsville Public Safety Office on the 2nd floor of the College Services Center. You must have a current CCBC parking permit in addition to a Green Car sticker to park in a preferred space.
  3. Find preferred Green Car parking - There are a limited number (10) of preferred Green Car spaces near the CCBC Catonsville library in Lot #8.

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