How to Prepare for the Placement Tests

CCBC assesses students' entry-level academic skills in reading, English, and math to ensure that students are placed in appropriate courses. The College uses Accuplacer, a computerized, adaptive, untimed placement test, which is mandatory for:

    • students who have not previously attended a college and earned college credits
    • students who are pursuing a degree or certificate
    • students who are transferring to a four-year institution
    • students whose SAT or ACT scores are below suggested levels

Placement Test Review Options - Choose any or all of the following:

CCBC's Assessment/Placement Policies

Please visit the following link for further information about CCBC's Assessment and Placement policies:

Hours of Operation for Assessment/Placement Testing at CCBC Testing Centers

CCBC students living out of state and in need of a proctor for assessment/placement testing

CCBC has a process by which students in need of assessment/placement testing and who live out of state can request that their assessment/placement tests be administered locally by a CCBC approved proctor. It is the student's responsibility to initiate this process and to locate a proctor that meets CCBC's requirements. The student is also responsible for any fee that may be charged by the proctoring institution. CCBC students that require such a service can review Proctor Guidelines and the CCBC Proctor Request Form for more information.

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