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What We're About

Our goal at the Student Success Center is to provide an environment in which students can make the most of college learning experiences. We want to help you, the student, succeed with your current assignments, but more than that we want to help you discover within yourself the keys to your continuing, growing success as a learner.

The Student Success Center is your first step in taking learning beyond the classroom!

Our Services

Our Policies

Individual Tutoring

This is the service most people associate with the Student Success Center, though it is not the only way we can assist with studies. In an individual tutoring session a student works one-on-one with a peer, professional, or volunteer tutor to go over assignments, clear up questions, and generally advance learning skills.

Group Tutoring

Our tutors can meet with groups as well as with individuals, giving students the opportunity to incorporate group interaction, directed by the tutor, as a dimension of the study process. This can be an effective way of working when several students are dealing with the same material.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI is a program that targets difficult courses and places student mentors, or study leaders, in them. SI mentors are students who have already successfully completed the courses in which they serve as study leaders. As study leaders they take the classes again and guide new students in weekly sessions to review material and work through assignments.

Technology Services

The Student Success Center, located in Y-100, houses student computer stations that are equipped with various software programs, including Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access) and ModuMath (self-paced math program). Appointments are recommended but not required.

1. We can only tutor students in subjects for which they are registered for classes at CCBC.

2. Students must attend classes regularly. Tutors do not teach material that was covered in classes missed by the student.

3. Tutoring is provided both by appointment and on a walk-in basis. Tutoring by appointment is offered in one-hour sessions; students may make appointments for two sessions each week for an individual subject.

4. Students unable to come to their appointments should call and inform the Student Success Center before the time for which they are scheduled. If a student fails to notify us before missing an appointment twice in a semester, the student will not be permitted to schedule any further appointments and will be limited to walk in availability of tutors.

5. Unfortunately, we cannot allow students to bring their children to tutorial sessions.


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