Meet the History Faculty

Full-time faculty:

Prof. Bill Barry Dundalk Campus: 443-840-3563 Faculty Page
Dr. Dawn Greeley Essex Campus: 443-840-1578
Dr. Natalie Kimbrough Dundalk Campus: 443-840-3784 Faculty Page
Prof. Fredrick Kumolalo Catonsville Campus: 443-840-5819
Dr. Stephanie Molholt Catonsville Campus: 443-840-5916
Also: Native American Studies
Prof. Ingrid Sabio-McLaughlin Essex Campus: 443-840-1483
Also: Womens Studies
Dr. Jesse Schreier Catonsville Campus: 443-840-4835
Dr. Laura Trauth Essex Campus: 443-840-2847
Prof. Michelle Wright Essex Campus: 443-840-2217
Also: Africana Studies

Part-time faculty:

Shawn Gladden
Miya Hunter-Willis
Chris Tallevast

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