NSF awards CCBC $998,375 grant to support STEM

Aug 03, 2019

The National Science Foundation awarded CCBC a four-year $998,375 grant to provide scholarships and support services for STEM students. The Math Acceleration for STEM Students (MASS) provides the support needed to attract and retain academically promising students with unmet financial need, including women and underrepresented minorities, to the STEM workforce.

The primary goal of MASS is to provide educational opportunities to low-income, academically talented students at CCBC through scholarships and student support services, and to promote full-time enrollment and degree achievement in these science and mathematics-intensive STEM disciplines: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering and Computer Science. The project aims to expand the number of STEM students earning a degree and improve retention within these associate degree programs.

A second goal is to provide students with the opportunity to accelerate rapidly through math courses required for STEM majors but which often serve as a significant barrier to completion and transfer success. Leveraging CCBC’s ongoing collaboration with the national STEM Core Alliance, scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to enroll in an accelerated math curriculum supplemented by extensive student support, career counseling, and an internship experience. CCBC has previously received in excess of $1.3 million from the National Science Foundation to support the implementation of the STEM Core initiative.

To apply to become a MASS Scholar, or for additional information, please email STEMCore@ccbcmd.edu with your interest and contact information.

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