CCBC Essex Vaccination Site

CCBC is happy to assist the community by serving as a Baltimore County COVID-19 vaccination site. Vaccinations will be given at CCBC Essex, Wellness & Athletics Center on Fridays beginning February 26, 2021. Please know, CCBC provides space for the vaccination site and does not schedule vaccinations or have specific information about distribution.

For the CCBC community residing outside of Baltimore County, contact your local and state health departments to determine vaccine availability as well as your eligibility to receive the vaccine.

How to get vaccinated

Residents can directly schedule their appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine. Appointments are preferred but not required. Visit the Baltimore County COVID-19 Vaccine Hub to make an appointment. 

To see local COVID-19 statistics, visit the Baltimore County COVID-19 Response Hub.

Directions and parking

During the days that the CCBC Essex vaccination site is operational, Baltimore County Police will assist with traffic control from the campus entrances to the Wellness & Athletics Center. Vaccination participants must use the South Lobby entrance of the building. CCBC students, faculty and staff must use the North Lobby entrance. View full-size campus map for details.

Parking Lot #2
 is reserved for vaccination participants.

Parking Lot #3 is reserved for vaccination staff and participants.

Increased traffic is expected as early as 7:30 a.m. with peak traffic expected between 8:30 a.m. — 12:30 p.m. Please plan accordingly.

Entering via Rossville Blvd

Vaccination participants entering campus from Rossville Blvd will proceed straight (left lane) via College Drive to Parking Lot #2. CCBC traffic will be directed to the right lane to the COVID-19 Screening Checkpoint and then proceed through Parking Lot #1 to their destination.

Entering via King Avenue

Vaccination participants entering at King Avenue will be directed to turn left on College Drive and proceed to Parking Lot #2. CCBC traffic will proceed as normal to the COVID-19 Screening Checkpoint, turn right on College Drive or proceed to Parking Lot #1.