July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021

CCBC budget administration focuses on maximizing existing resources, improving operational efficiency, increasing funding sources, and enhancing environmental sustainability.


Revenue Amount Percentage of total
County appropriation* $66,516,426 27.5 %
Tuition and fees $68,751,597 28.5 %
State aid $42,451,319 17.6 %
Grant revenue $59,695,459 24.7 %
Other revenue $4,126,419 1.7 %
Total revenue: $241,541,223

Expenditures by function

Expenditures Amount Percentage of total<
Instruction $84,658,879 35.1 %
Public services $0 0.0 %
Academic support $12,003,494 5.0 %
Student services $17,215,321 7.1 %
Institutional support $35,777,328 14.8 %
Operation and maintenance of plant $15,575,347 6.5 %
Auxiliary enterprises $615,116 0.3 %
Mandatory transfers $59,695,459 24.8 %
Other $15,600,279 6.5 %
Total expenditures: $241,141,223

Explanation of expenditures by function

Provides expenditure for instructional activities conducted during the academic year and offered as part of a formal post-secondary education degree or certificate program.

Public services
Provides expenditure related to the operations of college cable television programs including audio production, videotaping and film rental.

Academic support
Provides expenditure related to support services for the college's primary mission of providing accessible, affordable and high-quality education for students.

Student services
Provides expenditure related to admissions and registrar services and to activities that contribute to the student’s emotional and physical well-being. It promotes intellectual, cultural and social development outside the context of formal instruction programs.

Institutional support
Includes executive and supporting administrative units that provide services to the entire college community, including:
  • Administrative data processing
  • Central executive level activities
  • Employee personnel and records
  • Fiscal operations
  • Logistical activities that provide procurement, storerooms, safety, security, printing and transportation
  • Other support not operated by auxiliary enterprises, alumni relations and fundraising
Operation and maintenance of plant
Provides expenditure related to the operation and maintenance of the physical plant, including:
  • Custodial services
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Maintenance
  • Property insurance
  • Repairs
  • Utilities
Auxiliary enterprises
Provides for expenditure related to providing goods and services to students, faculty and staff for which a fee is charged. The fee is directly related to, but not necessarily equal to the cost of goods and services. Auxiliary enterprises are self-supporting activities and include bookstores and food services.

Mandatory transfers
Provides expenditure resulting from:
  • Binding legal agreements related to the financing of plant assets, including amounts for debt retirement and interest.
  • Sponsored program agreements with federal agencies, donors and other organizations to match gifts or grants. This program includes funds required to support grants and includes:
    • Adult education grants
    • Supplemental educational opportunity grants
    • Work-study program
    • Other restricted programs

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Data

Type of Instruction Number of Students
Credit 10,414
Non-credit 4,206
Total 14,620
Cost per student** $11,563

*County appropriation includes debt service of $11,782,670.
**Cost per student equals the actual operating expenses of $241,141,223 less grants ($59,695,459), debt service ($11,782,670) and auxiliary enterprises ($615,116), divided by the FTE students of 14,620.

These deductions are made to conform to Maryland Higher Education Commission guidelines for community colleges.