You need to...

Promote an event, program or initiative

View the College Communications Services Planning Chart to determine who can best assist you with the type of strategy you wish to employ. If your project or initiatives requires a multi-tiered approach or you’re just not sure what you need, contact Jodi Neal, to set up an initial consultation.

Update content on the website

Find out first if your area has a Sitecore trained content contributor. If so, they are responsible for making most basic updates to your content. 

Place an announcement on CCBC voice employee voicemail

To send a message to all CCBC extensions via college-wide voice mail, contact Rahsaan Kelley, Director of the CCBC Call Center, at or 443.840.2707.

Produce a flier or other publication

To initiate a new job for the Creative Services team to design, fill out a Creative Services Request Form.

In an emergency situation – and as a last resort – you may send an already-designed publication to Michael Elspas or Jodi Neal for approval before sending to any of the campus Print Shops. If you choose to go this route, use only the approved CCBC logos. Please allow at least three days for communication back and forth about your project.

If you have additional questions, please contact Jodi Neal at or ext. 5227 or Michael Elspas at or ext. 4502.

Produce a program for an event

To streamline the print production process and better serve the needs of CCBC faculty and staff, College Communications will no longer be responsible for the design, layout and proofing of interior pages for event program booklets. College Communications will continue to provide graphic art services for program booklet covers and provides an event program template, along with instructions on how to set up program booklet interior pages and submit them for printing.

If you need help or have questions about this process, please contact Michael Elspas at or ext. 4502.

Produce an ad

If you have funding to support paid advertising, contact Chris Mihavetz, If what you really want is a press release to secure local media coverage or placement, contact Hope Davis,

Promote something on social media

If you are interested in developing a social media strategy and/or promoting your program or event on CCBC’s social media sites, contact Hope Davis,

Place an announcement on campus TV monitors, or electronic signs at campus entrances

To publicize a program or event via the TV monitors placed throughout CCBC campuses, or on the electronic messaging signs at each campus main entrance, contact the appropriate campus director:

Purchase promotional items

If you plan to use the CCBC name or logo on any promotional item, you must first obtain permission from College Communications. We have relationships with several vendors, which ensure we get the best products at the best prices. We will also oversee the ordering process to ensure proper use of the college name and/or logo. To initiate the production process, complete a Creative Services Request Form. Please contact Michael Elspas at or ext. 4502 for guidance in selecting and ordering promotional items.

Secure press coverage or publicity

If you have a newsworthy event, program or initiative that merits media attention, contact Hope Davis,

Send a large quantity of direct mail

If you are mailing a large quantity of items, using bulk mail (non-profit) will save time and money. A minimum number of 200 like-pieces are required for this discount. Please fill out a Mailhouse Support Form to begin the bulk mail process. Please contact Jodi Neal at or ext. 5227 to discuss your next project.

Secure a photographer

CCBC does not have a photographer on staff. If you are interested in photographs for posting on social media, photos taken with a camera phone or tablet should suffice. Please take or save photos at the highest resolution available. If it is a media event, the news outlets will send a photographer. If you truly need high quality photos for your program/event, you should hire a professional photographer. Please contact Jodi Neal at or ext. 5227 and remember to allow adequate time for scheduling.

Photography can dramatically add or detract from a message. Each image should be as thoughtfully chosen as the words that accompany it. CCBC maintains a large image library, with new photo shoots conducted throughout the year. Odds are, we have an image you need. Please contact Jodi Neal at or ext. 5227 to use a photograph from the CCBC image library.

If you chose not to use a college photo or hire a professional photographer, there are some important guidelines to remember:
  • All photography that will appear in a printed publication should be at least 300 dpi at actual size. 
  • More than likely, a Photo Release Form will be required for anyone appearing in the photo. 
  • Photography should be kept simple, with plenty of space around the subject for cropping. When possible, use a background that won’t be distracting.
  • Do not use images with low or bad lighting.
  • Do not use disproportionately scaled (stretched or condensed) images.
  • Never use clip art. Ever.

Order business cards, class materials, stationery or forms

Direct (non-promotional) print requests can be submitted in person, through interoffice mail, or via e-StoreFront (the college’s print/copy online request submission tool). In addition to print requests, you can also order college business cards, college stationery, forms and program cards on e-StoreFront.

CCBC e-StoreFront is also accessible online via every employee’s desktop, home computer, or mobile device. A handy e-StoreFront icon is available under “Staff/Faculty Links” in the lower right corner of the college’s Faculty and Staff SharePoint home page.

To request printing of instructional materials, submit an Instructional Materials Request Form.

Promote something to faculty and staff via the Daily Post

The Daily Post is the perfect way to share your information with colleagues college-wide, with no full-mailbox bouncebacks. You can even attach documents or files to your article. For assistance in using the Daily Post, contact Jennifer Michael,