Not sure where to start? Contact the Marketing office.

We can help you build strategy and leverage all of College Communications' services to promote your program.

College Communications provides all academic programs with a simple promotional program brochure. Often however, program coordinators seek additional support to get word out about their program. Helping you find the best ways to do that, and marshaling the support of various units within College Communications to get it done is where the Marketing office comes in.

Be prepared though – additional support requires additional resources, including TIME, PLANNING and (more often than not) BUDGET.

You can get a sense of what you'll need to bring to the table by taking a look at these documents:

Service Planning Chart
This document is a rundown of some of the potential promotional strategies we can coordinate for you and includes ballpark price estimates to give you a sense of the budget required.

Communications Planning Brief
This is an internal planning document that we use to help build marketing strategies. We'll need you to help us answer the questions it contains.

Contributing to the College Website

Administration of the college website ( falls under the Marketing office. The Web Producer, Web Content Managers and Web Developer comprise the Web Management Team. Based on best practices and standards as well as their expertise as web professionals, the team handles the maintenance and growth of CCBC’s public facing site.

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