Web content responsibilities

The CCBC website is a big place with lots of pages to maintain.

While the Web Management Team is responsible for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of the college's website, we rely on our content contributors and owners for day-to-day edits of pages they have been assigned.

Are you a subject matter expert in your department? You could be invited to Sitecore Content Management Training! Read on to learn about the responsibility of content contributors and owners.

Content contributors and owners:

  • Are listed in the Web Content Agreement and signed by the appropriate dean or vice president.
  • Are confident in their ability to operate a computer, including basic activities such as:
    • Updating software
    • Managing files
    • Navigating the internet in multiple browsers
    • Using standard word processing software (to format text and add links)
  • Understand and communicate the web marketing strategies of their department.
  • Are able to dedicate at least 10 percent of their weekly responsibilities to content curation.
  • Complete any additional required training. Learn more»
Does this sound like you? If so, please read our steps to become a content contributor or owner!

Who is a content contributor?
Content contributors are full-time employees responsible for updating content on the CCBC website. Contributors are trained in the College’s web standards and in the use of Sitecore to update content.

They are responsible for:
  • Adding internal and external links.
  • Revising contact information.
  • Submitting events.
  • Submitting appropriately sized images.
  • Uploading new PDFs.
  • Replacing existing PDFs.
  • Determining where to post the content (student portal, employee portal, social media and/or public facing website).
  • Abiding by Associated Press style of writing.
  • Requesting new pages.
Who is a content owner?
Content owners are full-time employees who are organizationally responsible for the accuracy of content and serve as subject matter experts in their department.

They are responsible for:
  • Extracting and validating information.
  • Writing or converting the content that's suitable for the audience.
  • Being aware of multiple points-of-view regarding the criticality of the tasks and competencies.
  • Collaborating with the Web Team to design and develop new pages for the CCBC website.
  • Reviewing monthly and ensure content is always current.

Content owners must be available to quickly and accurately vet content before approving it for the publishing process.

View the list of Sitecore trained content contributors and owners »

Training available to content contributors & owners

Sitecore Web Content Management
This training is mandatory for designated employees to complete in order to make updates on the website. It is broken into two sessions that cover business processes, content development and technical training in Sitecore. Learn more  »

Supplemental instruction with working lab
This is a workshop for our current Sitecore contributors and owners. We begin with a 90 minute refresh of Sitecore followed by a 90 minute working lab.

Event submission
This video-based training, designed for designated content collaborators, contributors and owners promoting events, introduces the event submission form and best practices for communicating event details.

PDF Accessibility
This training introduces federal law, international guidelines and accessibility checker tools to resolve web accessibility issues. The workshop series is hosted in partnership with Instructional Technology. Learn more »