Download digital communication resources

Official CCBC logos

Select from various arrangements of the official CCBC logo in color or black and white.

Download CCBC logos»

School logos

The CCBC identity includes a version of the college logo customized for each academic school. 

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Flier templates

These simple flier templates apply a basic CCBC identity footer element and leave plenty of space for other content. Half-page and full-page versions available.

Download the flier templates»

PowerPoint templates

These PowerPoint templates will give your presentation the official CCBC look.

Download the CCBC PowerPoint template»

Download the Pathways PowerPoint template»

Letterhead template

Use this template for producing and printing Word documents on official CCBC letterhead. 

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Instructional materials cover

Faculty should use this template as the cover page for any instructional materials duplicated for students.

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Official CCBC email signature

This document provides the official CCBC format for email signatures and directions for how to apply it in Outlook.

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Email headers

Access a CCBC email header that reinforces the college's brand and stands out in every inbox. Usable only while CCBC navigates through COVID-19.

Download the CCBC together and CCBC cares email headers.

Event program templates

Access Word templates for formatting multi-page programs, along with detailed directions for submitting to print.

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Virtual meeting backgrounds

Download official CCBC-branded virtual backgrounds for your Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Display the CCBC logo watermark »

Display a campus building »

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Note: Skype does not support custom backgrounds.