Award Notification

After CCBC receives all documents and the data is verified (if required), CCBC will send an email award notification.

The Financial Aid Office will send an email to a student who is eligible for the following types of aid:

Your financial aid disbursement is based on the number of credits in which you are enrolled as of the 3rd week of the regular fall and spring semesters. You cannot receive any financial aid for courses you register for after that time (note: this will include late start courses). Many state scholarships also require that the student be full-time. If you are not full-time at the end of the 3rd week, these state scholarships will be canceled.

Tuition, fees, and other charges authorized by you will be deducted from your award. Any proceeds remaining from your award will be disbursed as an e-Refund, direct deposited into your checking account. Learn more about CCBC e-Refunds »

The Bursar will do one of the following:

If the awarded aid covers the entire bill (tuition, fees and book credit), no further action is required.

After your financial aid has disbursed to your student account, if there is any excess financial aid, an e-Refund will be created through Student Finance. Refunds are direct deposited into your checking account.

If the awarded aid covers only part of the bill, the student is responsible for the difference.