Haleema Aslam
CCBC 2021 graduate

Haleema AslamBorn in Pakistan, Haleema Aslam started teaching herself English at a young age using her brothers’ English books.

At 17, she applied for and was awarded the Girls' Leadership Worldwide (GLW) scholarship sponsored by the U.S. State Department. She traveled to the Eleanor Roosevelt Center in New York to take part in that summer program and never went back.

“Persevering and recognizing my dream to speak English fluently developed my character, leading me to start my life all over in a foreign country, in America, at the age of 17,” said Aslam, who had only $100 in her wallet and not a single relative or friend anywhere in the country.

This year, Aslam graduated from CCBC with an associate degree in Psychology. At CCBC, Aslam, was a member of the Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and the Mellon Scholars Program.

She plans to enroll in a four-year university to earn her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and then move on to law school. She’s still weighing her options, which include a full ride to prestigious Brown University and Smith College.

“My academic excellence stems from the lesson that stayed with me from my childhood – that where there is a will, there is a way, and that to try, try, and try again leads to success,” she said.

Alsam is passionate about human rights, and she would like to ultimately work for the United Nations traveling the world, especially in the Middle East where she would focus on education for girls, the importance of mental health and gender equality.

“I’ve always liked to think of what can be, how I can think bigger and make things grow and happen for the greater good,” said Aslam.