George Njuguna
CCBC Student

When George Njuguna was researching colleges in the United States, cost played a major role in his decision. Ultimately he enrolled in CCBC in Spring 2020, and it’s been a wonderful experience for him.

“CCBC has enabled me to pursue my education at an affordable price,” said Njuguna, who is from Kenya. “In addition to the low cost of tuition, I find the payment plan to be very helpful.”

Besides being a great financial decision for Njuguna, CCBC has given him opportunities to thrive here in the United States.

“Being an international student at CCBC is a great thing,” said Njuguna, a Biology major. “Unlike at other institutions, we are considered and given opportunities to advance our studies, no matter our visa status. I was able to land an internship last summer, and I am grateful.”

Njuguna chose Biology as his major because he has always wanted a career in medicine. He believes he is getting the same quality of education at CCBC that he would at a four-year school. He has a great relationship with the faculty, who are always there to encourage him and help him succeed.

“Earning my associate degree in Biology at CCBC is a staircase to me attending medical school,” he said. “The Biology program gives you a wide variety of courses you can learn from – a touch of social sciences and natural sciences to be well-rounded, as well as intensive work in Biology and other STEAM classes like genetics.”

Being a part of the Biology program has allowed Njuguna to research projects and present them to conferences outside of CCBC and out of state. After graduating from CCBC, his plan is to transfer to a four-year college and graduate with a Biochemistry degree. After that, he would like to go to medical school and earn his MD/PhD.

“CCBC is a great place to start because it gives you a really good foundation, whether you know what you want to do or not in terms of your career,” said Njuguna. “It can help shape you to find your path without having to spend a lot in the process.”

Njuguna wanted to become one of CCBC’s Fresh Faces because he loves the close-knit community and he wanted to be an ambassador to share his experiences.

“CCBC is not only a community, it is a family,” he said. “I wanted to be a member of a family and Fresh Faces has given me that opportunity. I have made a lot of connections here and I have a good sense of direction for where I am going in life. I am #CCBCProud.”

George Njuguna