Diesel Mechanic with CDL, Continuing Education Workforce Certificate

​Students who complete this training are able to work in the diesel mechanic area or trucking industry. This combination of skill sets are in demand by both diesel repair shops and truck fleet companies and are valuable to the entrepreneur mechanic/truck driver who can service and drive their own vehicles. 

Program objectives

Upon successful completion of this Continuing Education Workforce Certificate, students will be able to:

​1.  prepare to pass the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) preventative maintenance entry level certification;

2.  demonstrate the use of proper safety equipment and shop safety;

3.  perform and document preventative maintenance on diesel vehicle systems;

4.  prepare to pass the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Commercial Driver's License (CDL) exam;

5.  explain in detail safe driving practices for operation of a Class A CDL vehicle;

6.  demonstrate through hands-on range/road driving practice the ability to set the Class A CDL vehicle in motion, park, shift, and maneuver; and

7.  secure employment in the trucking field as a driver and/or technician.

CCBC Pathway

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Program Credentials

CCBC Credential: Students will earn a CCBC Workforce Certificate and will have access to a Continuing Education academic record (transcript).

Students will be awarded various CDL certificates (e.g. Defensive Driving and New Driver Training).

External Credential: Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Entry Level (Diesel) and students will be prepared to take the Maryland Commercial Driver's License exam. 

Certifying Organization: 

Diesel: National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (www.ase.com)

CDL-A: Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) - upon successfully completing the MVA final licensing exam.


Financial Aid and Payment Options

CCBC currently offers Continuing Education (CE) financial aid to those who qualify. We package public and private funding options to benefit students which include COVID-19 relief funding, the Maryland Sequence Scholarship, CCBC Opportunity Grant funding, Maryland Promise, and Baltimore County College Promise. Financial aid funding is available for select CE courses and programs. 

Additional opportunities for financial support include partial payment options through Nelnet Business Solutions and tuition waivers for those who qualify. Resources outside of CCBC may also be available through employer/sponsor paid tuition,  the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), and your local office of workforce development.

Pell Funding:  Eligible for grants and college loans.  Go to www.fafsa.gov to apply for Federal financial aid.

For more information about funding resources and how to apply for them, please contact the CCBC Continuing Education Information Center at 443-840-4700.


CCBC cannot confirm whether the course or program meets requirements for professional licensure in states other than Maryland. If you plan to apply for licensure in a state other than Maryland, contact that state's licensing board to determine whether the CCBC course or program meets requirements for licensure in that state. If you need assistance finding contact information for your state, click here.

Program Length

Five months

Program Requirements

Students must attend a mandatory orientation prior to the start of course. Contact the Diesel Coordinator for dates and information.


  • ​​Minimum age of 18 (commercial drivers must be 21 years of age to drive across state lines)
  • Be able to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) drug screen & physical
  • Possess a valid Maryland Driver's License (regular Class C)
  • Maintain zero points for drug/alcohol violations

Recommended:  High School Diploma or GED (highly preferred, but not required)

The Maryland MVA's CDL-A licensing exam is taken at the end of the course.  The exam includes pre-trip inspections, range maneuvers, and completion of a road test of 14+ miles.

Application Process

To apply, go to www.ccbcmd.edu/apply and complete the CCBC Continuing Education Workforce Certificate program application.  An email will then be sent with program information and any additional requirements necessary to apply for the program.

​Provisional Entry –  Prospective students must attend an orientation session and pass a basic math and reading assessment test.  Applicants will be notified of program acceptance during the CDL interview if all documentation and requirements are met.

Prior Learning Assessment

This program has potential options for waving select courses based on previous coursework or articulated coursework from an approved curriculum, and/or demonstrated portfolio and/or prior occupational learning.  A maximum of 90 program hours may be earned from prior learning.

Program Course Sequence

Module I: Introduction to Preventative Maintenance for Diesel Mechanics

Course Number

Course Title


Textbook Information



Introduction to Preventative Maintenance for Diesel Mechanics- Part 1 


Textbooks included


T-$645/ F-$1,505


Introduction to Preventative Maintenance for Diesel Mechanics- Part 2


Textbooks included


T-$645/ F-$1,505


Introduction to Preventative Maintenance for Diesel Mechanics- Part 3


Textbooks included


T-$645/ F-$1,505

Module I Totals:   270




Module II: Commercial Vehicle Operator A Class

Course Number Course Title Course Hours

Textbook Information



CDL Class A Classroom, Learner Permit, and Pre-Trip Introduction




T-$399/ F-$1,596


CDL Class A, Maneuvers and Road Skill Basics




T-$340/ F-$1,360


CDL-A Road and Advanced Safety Skills




T-$300/ F-$1,200

Module II Totals:   280  



Module III: Supportive Courses

Course Number Course Title Course Hours Textbook Information Costs
ADS158 Career and Employment Readiness 20 Included


T-$59/ F-147

ADS174  Basic Computer Skills 20 Included


T-$59/ F-147


Financial Literacy




T-$59/ F-147

ADS173 Academic Success 20 Included


T-$59/ F-147

Module III Totals:    80  


T-$236/ F-$588

Course Series Totals:    630  


T-$3,210/ F-$9,259

Additional Information

Skills for Success:
High work ethic, attention to detail, ability to work with heavy machinery, mechanical aptitude.

Career Opportunities:
Due to a driver and diesel mechanic shortage, there are many career opportunities for CDL-A holders & diesel training  You can drive a tractor-trailer, tanker, doubles and triples, flatbed, or refer (refrigerated trailer) both in-state and out-of-state​. The diesel training will prepare you for an entry-level job in the diesel technician field. 

Career Coach

Research your career interests, explore live job postings, take a career assessment, discover which companies in the Baltimore region are hiring, and more.  View a brief tutorial video on how to use Career Coach at https://youtu.be/C7KpznbPYfA.  Explore career and training opportunities at https://ccbcmd.emsicc.com/.

Program Contact Information


Coordinator: Larry Kovacs | lkovacs@ccbcmd.edu | 443-849-4171 | Catonsville | BESS 100K

Administrative Assistant: Ollie Wright | owright@ccbcmd.edu | 443-840-4476 | Catonsville | BESS | 100


Coordinator:  Stacy Igo |  sigo@ccbcmd.edu |  443-877-5205 | TTC Transportation Training Center

Administrative Assistant:  Barbara Bennett | bbennett3@ccbcmd.edu |  443-840-3672 | TTC Transportation Training Center