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Central Service Technician - Classroom (AHL 045)

Continuing Education Course

6.45 - 8.6 CEU



This course is designed to meet the requirements for Central Service Technician certification as stated by the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materials Management (IAHCSMM) guidelines. The student will learn methods that prevent the spread of microorganisms, sterilization methods, and equipment management. Course Objectives:Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:1. identify and explain the technical functions of Central Service and the role and responsibilities of Central Service Technician; 2. discuss the growth of bacteria and destruction of microorganisms due to sterilization process; 3. describe standard precautions and significance in the control of infections; 4. identify chemical cleaning products and decontamination procedures used for surgical instruments in preparation for sterilization; 5. describe the type, function and parameters necessary for steam sterilization autoclaves; 6. discuss the method of management, distribution, and reordering of inventory control; and 7. describe the importance of professionalism and communication of interdepartmental personnel relationships.


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