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Cooperative Education and Off-Campus Work Experience (AUTO 281)

Credit Course

1 credit

$122 per credit

in-county, fees apply


Is a course which provides students with an opportunity for Off-Campus Work Experience in the Automotive Technology field. This internship is required by General Motors (ASEP), Ford Motor Company (ASSET), Nissan Motors (NTTA), and Global Degree programs. The student will work a minimum of 180 hours, or the minimum required by their respective program during this course. Course offered once a year (fall or spring).

Prerequisite(s): AUTO 126, AUTO 241 and AUTO 181. Corequisite(s): AUTO 181 with permission of the Program Coordinator.
Lab Fee: $40.00.


Fall 2024 ( Sections)

  • Section Meeting Times:

    • Time:
      Flexible Time
      Location: Catonsville, CAT CAT

    Section Information:

    • Format: Arranged
    • 0 Available Seats
    • Dates: 09/03/2024 - 12/06/2024
    • Course ID: #92622

    Credit Hours: 1

    Billable Hours: 1

    Note: NOTE: (Global Friday/Saturday and Evening Co-Op) Written permission from the Program Coordinator is required to register. Section meets September 3-December 6.