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Aircraft Dispatcher I (AVMT 258)

Credit Course

3 credits

$122 per credit

in-county, fees apply


Provides an overview of the aeronautical knowledge required for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Dispatcher Certificate. Topics include regulations, flight publications, airspace, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, meteorology theory, air traffic control, navigation systems, instrument flight procedures, and aviation safety. Course offered every fall, spring and may be offered during additional sessions.

Prerequisite(s): AVMT 231 or approval of the Aviation Program Director.


Fall 2024 ( Sections)

  • Section Meeting Times:

    • Time:
      3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
      Days of Week:
      Location: Catonsville, HTEC 028

    Section Information:

    • Format: In-person
    • 0 Available Seats
    • Dates: 08/26/2024 - 10/13/2024
    • Course ID: #92402

    Credit Hours: 3

    Billable Hours: 3

    Note: NOTE: This course meets during the first seven week session. NOTE: This course uses a FREE/LOW COST textbook.