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Voice & Diction (CMNS 133)

Credit Course

3 credits

$122 per credit

in-county, fees apply


Is a course in which students are introduced to the fundamentals of vocal anatomy and production, and to the concept of the voice as the outward expression of the intellectual and emotional landscape of the speaker. Students will observe and analyze their personal vocal habits and develop their voices through a progression of exercises designed to free and strengthen their voices in performance. Course offered once a year (fall or spring). Same As: THTR 133. Credit can be earned for one course only.


Fall 2024 ( Sections)

  • Section Meeting Times:

    • Time:
      2:20 - 3:40 p.m.
      Days of Week:
      Location: Essex, AHUM 221

    Section Information:

    • Format: In-person
    • 0 Available Seats
    • Dates: 08/26/2024 - 12/15/2024
    • Course ID: #91641

    Credit Hours: 3

    Billable Hours: 3

    Note: NOTE: This section is the same as THTR 133. Earn credit for one only.