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Criminal Justice and the Constitution (CRJU 122)

Credit Course

3 credits

$122 per credit

in-county, fees apply


Studies development of the U. S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and XIV Amendment; discusses the U. S. Supreme Court and its authority to interpret the constitution and laws, civil liability and its relationship to criminal law, double jeopardy, and constitutional issues such as judicial review, criminal rights, and due process. Course offered every fall, spring and may be offered during additional sessions.

Prerequisite(s): ESOL 054 or ESOL 052 or ACLT 052 or ACLT 053.


Fall 2024 ( Sections)

  • Section Meeting Times:

    • Time:
      Flexible Time
      Location: Online

    Section Information:

    • Format: Online
    • 0 Available Seats
    • Dates: 08/26/2024 - 12/15/2024
    • Instructor: Pamela Kessler
    • Course ID: #90672

    Credit Hours: 3

    Billable Hours: 3

    Note: NOTE: This course uses a FREE/LOW COST textbook.