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Tissue Fixation and Processing (HSTO 103)

Credit Course

2 credits

$122 per credit

in-county, fees apply


Explains the functions, actions, and factors that affect the quality and choice of fixative. Topics include simple and compound fixatives, coagulant and non-coagulant fixatives, and aqueous and no aqueous fixatives along with various procedures of histology requiring fixation. Students identify fixation pigments, artifacts, and troubleshooting methods. The course examines tissue processors with regards to reagents used, maintenance and troubleshooting, as well as tissue processing and special techniques in processing of decalcification and frozen sectioning. Course offered once a year (fall or spring).

Prerequisite(s): HSTO 101 and HSTO 102.


Fall 2024 ( Sections)

  • Section Meeting Times:

    • Time:
      11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
      Days of Week:
      Location: Essex, ECHP 111

    Section Information:

    • Format: In-person
    • 0 Available Seats
    • Dates: 08/26/2024 - 12/15/2024
    • Instructor: Karen Bordenet
    • Course ID: #92357

    Credit Hours: 2

    Billable Hours: 2