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Arts Pathway Programs

The Arts Pathway prepares students to engage with the world by proving the knowledge and skills needed to find success in college, and beyond. Our emphasis on creativity, collaborative work, and critical thinking help students live well and make a positive impact on the world.

From our nationally accredited programs in the performing arts, to our committed and talented faculty in Art and Design and Digital Media Production, the Arts Pathway provides wonderful opportunities for growth and development. We offer a strong background for understanding global, social, and economic issues while supplying a solid foundation for bachelor and graduate degrees and career success.

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Arts Programs

Art and Design

Art and Design aspires to create an educational environment that is responsive in content, approach, and application to the continually changing technical and creative aspects of the creative fields we represent. We are a unique community of creative professionals, educators, and students who learn and work together as we explore and blend all aspects of art, design and visual communication. We offer quality instruction in all phases of visual art, graphic design, photography, and motion graphics. Our course offerings and programs offer flexibility in both scheduling and content.

Associate of Fine Arts
Associate of Arts Credit Certificate


The Dance program provides students with opportunities to experience and learn about a broad spectrum of dance (from classical ballet and various styles of modern dance to the dance of cultures from around the world); to partner with students in developing the physical and technical skills necessary to communicate through dance and to articulate the knowledge of dance; and to inspire students to participate in dance activities and to foster the intellectual, creative, and spiritual growth of dancers by instilling in them a commitment to artistic and personal excellence.

Associate of Fine Arts Associate of Arts

Digital Media Production

The Digital Media Production program allows students to practice filmmaking, television production and web media production to enter into a range of jobs in media content creation. Students practice digital media production through class projects and create their own content as part of their portfolio. The focus on practical skills and project based learning gives the student the skills to enter the workforce or continue to a 4 year program in film, television and web media.

Associate of Applied Science Credit Certificate

General Studies

General Studies offers maximum flexibility for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree upon graduation from CCBC or for whom a general studies degree best meets their academic goals or career. This program is especially appealing to students who wish to design their own course of study or who have accumulated a significant number of credits from other programs or colleges. Students acquire well-rounded skills to pursue a variety of academic disciplines and careers.

Associate of Arts

Interior Design

Interior Designers combine problem solving skills and artistic vision to create environments that are safe, functional, imaginative, and beautiful. As a career program, our graduates are prepared to apply their technical training and study of design fundamentals and concepts to positions within residential and commercial interior design and architectural firms, facility planning departments, flooring, furniture and furnishing companies, building, fabrication and manufacturing companies, and many other opportunities in interior design related industries. Students may also transfer to interior design bachelor and first-professional master degree programs.

Associate of Applied Science
Credit Certificate


The Music Program at CCBC is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and trains students in various genres from classical to pop, jazz and musical theater. Students can prepare for careers in performance or teaching, or pursue a certificate in Music Production and Audio Technology. Performing opportunities abound for students and free performances and/or workshops by professional artists, ensembles and instructors are provided on a weekly basis. We support the student whatever their needs may be: whether it’s working toward an Associate of Fine Arts (A.F. A.) or Associate of Arts (A.A.) in music, or an elective course.

Associate of Fine Arts Associate of Arts Credit Certificate


Our nationally accredited Theatre Program offers degrees in Theatre Performance and Theatre Production and Design.

Students will have the chance to work with theatre professionals in small class, scene shop and black box settings and participate in five main stage productions every year. Students wishing to transfer to four year programs receive guidance and preparation, as well as having completed the first two years of their Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree.

Associate of Fine Arts Associate of Arts

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