• Criminal Justice and Law Pathway

Criminal Justice and Law Pathway

The Criminal Justice and Law Pathway focuses on career training for students interested in entering the workforce after graduation in the fields of criminal justice and law, among other areas.

While the primary focus of the programs in the Pathway is career training, the majors in the Pathway also transfer to four-year institutions for further study. In supporting our students’ desire for additional training and education, the programs in the Criminal Justice and Law Pathway have numerous articulation agreements with four-year colleges and universities throughout Maryland and out of state.

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Criminal Justice and Law Programs

Criminal Justice Studies

The Criminal Justice Studies Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree program is designed to prepare students for service to the community in the fields of law enforcement, homeland security, juvenile services, private security, parole and probation, or corrections and law. Students are encouraged to continue their study of criminal justice after completing an A.A.S. degree with a four year institution to expand on their career opportunities in this field.

The Criminal Justice Studies Certificate is a 27-credit program designed primarily for those students who are seeking an interim certificate before completing the A.A.S. requirements or who wish to take only criminal justice courses. All certificate program courses may be applied toward an A.A.S. in Criminal Justice Studies.

Associate of Applied Science Credit Certificate Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate

General Studies

General Studies offers maximum flexibility for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree upon graduation from CCBC or for whom a general studies degree best meets their academic goals or career. This program is especially appealing to students who wish to design their own course of study or who have accumulated a significant number of credits from other programs or colleges. Students acquire well-rounded skills to pursue a variety of academic disciplines and careers.

Associate of Arts

Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Associate of Applied Science degree is an American Bar Association approved program that trains students for careers as paralegals or legal assistants. Graduates of this program understand the jurisdiction and function of legislative, judicial, and administrative bodies; the structure of the court system; and the roles of attorneys and paralegals in the legal system. They are knowledgeable in both civil and criminal law and possess the research and writing skills applicable to these fields.

Students can transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a Bachelor’s program in Paralegal Studies or Legal Studies to expand on their career opportunities in this field. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

While a majority of the Legal Studies degree and certificate program can be completed online, students are required to complete 10 credits of legal specialty coursework through traditional in class instruction.

Associate of Applied Science Credit Certificate

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