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Social Sciences Pathway Programs

The Social Sciences Pathway is a diverse and engaging collection of programs – from Anthropology to Health Education & Physical Education – that are designed to help you transfer to a four-year institution. From Sports Management to psychology, from sociology to social work, we are ready to assist you in creating a foundation for career success. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you successfully navigate your college career, so you are able to transition seamlessly to a four- year University.

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Social Sciences Programs


Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. It is a diverse discipline that includes four areas of specialization: cultural anthropology, biological/physical anthropology, archaeology and linguistics. The anthropology transfer pattern offers students broad exposure to the discipline and provides a foundation for further study of the social, behavioral, and natural sciences and for professional work in anthropology, archaeology, forensics, cultural resources management, museums, international development, and public health.

Associate of Arts


The Economics Associate of Arts (A.A.) transfer degree prepares students for a career in the finance field, primarily in the areas of insurance, government, and banking. Economics focuses on the production and consumption of goods in society and on the broader implications of what many individual businesses choose to do. The Economics transfer pattern is accredited by the ACBSP and designed to help students transfer to institutions that offer a four-year degree in Economics.

Associate of Arts

General Studies

General Studies offers maximum flexibility for students who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree upon graduation from CCBC or for whom a general studies degree best meets their academic goals or career. This program is especially appealing to students who wish to design their own course of study or who have accumulated a significant number of credits from other programs or colleges. Students acquire well-rounded skills to pursue a variety of academic disciplines and careers.

Associate of Arts

Global Studies

The Global Studies Certificate provides a broad understanding of interdisciplinary contemporary global issues and intercultural communication skills exposure and practice necessary to work in the ever-changing global economy.

Credit Certificate


This degree pattern provides students with the general courses required to transfer to an institution which offers an undergraduate degree in school or public health education. Beyond the general education requirements and other degree, program, and elective requirements, this pattern should be considered in light of the requirements of the selected transfer institution.

Associate of Arts


In this program, students will determine the focus of each of the main areas of history and the relationship of history to the other social sciences. Students will be able to analyze cultural diversity as it plays a role throughout the field of history and demonstrate an awareness of the contributions of different ethnic and cultural groups to U.S. and world societies.

Associate of Arts

Human Services Counseling

This program provides students with education and training to prepare them for entry-level positions in human services as well as for transfer to four-year institutions to attain professional degrees. Graduates of this program can expect to find employment serving a range of client populations including persons with physical and developmental challenges, mental health and substance abuse issues, elderly and vulnerable/at risk children.

Associate of Applied Science Credit Certificate


Immersed in the world of fitness, medical exercise, exercise science, and sports conditioning, students learn how to conduct health risk appraisals and fitness assessments, interpret assessment results, design evidence-based exercise programs, provide fitness instruction and supervise fitness facilities.

Associate of Applied Science Credit Certificate Continuing Education Workforce Training Certificate

Native American Studies

The Native American Studies Program provides a broad foundation in Indigenous cultures and current events. The program’s curriculum in Native American histories, religions, literature, arts, and politics aims to generate knowledge and respect for Indigenous nations as well as foster critical thinking and socially responsible research.

Associate of Arts

Physical Education

Physical education is all about learning to promote, develop, and maintain a healthy lifestyle by incorporating physical activity into daily life. Students will gain knowledge of the educational goals and objectives of the professional preparation for physical education, exercise science, and sport.

Associate of Arts

Political Science

CCBC’s Political Science department is one of the leading political science communities in Maryland with a wide variety of courses and instructors to help students grow representing a broad spectrum of interests and approaches. We not only focus on the four main fields of political science, but also on areas like campaigns & elections and political ideology. We have developed an internship program where students receive hands-on career experience in the political world.

Associate of Arts


The Psychology transfer pattern is designed to help students transfer to colleges and universities that offer a baccalaureate degree with a major in Psychology or similar social science discipline. Psychology at CCBC prepares students to analyze and evaluate psychological information found in film, television, radio, and online; articulate the relevance of diversity in various behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions; and understand their own weaknesses and strengths as learners.

Associate of Arts


Simply put, sociology seeks to answer “why people do what they do". This discipline trains students to explain the effect that social forces and social institutions have on individual and group behavior; and understand structural inequalities based on age, race, class, gender and other social constructions resulting in differences of power, property and prestige. With a degree in Sociology, students can pursue careers in social welfare and social change and/or pursue graduate study in the social sciences.

Associate of Arts

Sports Management

Interested in fields like coaching, athletics director, fitness facility management, sports marketing, events management, player relations, and recreation facilities management? Explore a degree in Sports Management.

This degree is appropriate for students interested in careers within the fields of athletic and recreation management, public relations/media relations, the fitness industry, college and professional sports, business, and sports retail marketing. Coursework includes coaching, facility management, accounting, macro/microeconomics, sports history, sports sociology, and legal aspects and ethics. There is also an internship at the end of the program.

Associate of Arts

Women’s Studies

In the Women's Studies program, students will explore the social construction of gender and the way it intersects with other forms of difference, specifically race, ethnicity, class, age, and sexuality. Knowledge derived from women’s studies courses will enable students to analyze current problems that women face in the areas of employment, the family, domestic violence, health and the legal system.

Associate of Arts

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