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Are you lost when it comes to computers?

Can’t find you way around Windows? Lost in the cloud?

Let us help you gain the fundamental computer competencies needed to succeed in today’s workplace. We have classes to help you navigate Windows, surf the internet, and store information in the cloud.

Basic Computer Courses

Cloud Computing

Students learn what the cloud is, how it works, and what they can do with it. Each of the key concepts about cloud computing is covered. Students will first examine the differences between traditional computing and cloud computing. They will then use various cloud services to see what the cloud has to offer such as office applications, photo galleries, file storage, file sharing, calendars, creating notes, task management and more.

Topics to be covered include: introduction to cloud computing, working with Google, using Google drive, Google calendar, cloud printing, Microsoft SkyDrive, using Dropbox, making notes, task management, pictures in the cloud, audio & video, playing in the cloud, and security in the cloud.

Prerequisite: Windows Introduction or equivalent knowledge.

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Learn the basic skills of touch-typing or improve your typing skills through the use of the computer software program FasType for Windows.

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Online courses offered in partnership with ed2go

Today’s Internet: Wikis, Blogs, Clouds, and More

Students learn how to navigate and use today’s Internet community. Students will explore many useful and interesting websites and online applications to learn details of what each does, why they’d want to use it, and how to get started.

Topics to be covered include: blogging, bookmarks and tagging, cloud storage, communications, design, e-commerce, education and knowledge, games and virtual worlds, kids’ sites, mapping, music, news, peer-to-peer sharing, personal management tools, photographs and videos, podcasts, portals, security issues, search engines, social networking, web-based office software, and wikis and collaboration.

Prerequisite: Windows Introduction or equivalent knowledge.

Windows 10 Introduction

Students learn to navigate Windows 10 using a keyboard and mouse. Find out how to manage apps, use the web with Windows 10, plus manage and personalize Windows 10.

Topics to be covered include: getting started with Windows 10, managing apps, using the web with Windows 10, managing Windows 10, and personalizing Windows 10.

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