Nurse Refresher

This course series provides instruction that updates a nurse’s knowledge on the current practice of medical-surgical nursing in acute care.

Topics covered include: healthcare trends/nursing roles; nursing process; pharmacology/dosage calculation; body systems (neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal, musculoskeletal, and reproductive), hematology, immunity, gerontology, oncology, and pain management.

Students are required to attend a mandatory orientation. Please contact Program Support personnel for orientation information.

Nurse Refresher Courses

NUR 005 - Nurse Refresher-Part 1: Theory

Refresh knowledge of the current practices of medical-surgical nursing in acute care, including adult physical assessment, ethical and legal aspects of nursing practice and current trends in health care delivery. Review dosage and solutions calculation; satisfactorily pass the exam in that area and attend 8 hours of skills lab training. Approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing.

$660 (Tuition: $410 Fees: $250)

AHE 793 - Nurse Refresher Skills Lab

Become reoriented to the procedures and equipment used in the acute care hospital setting in this 8-hour skills lab. Topics include IV therapy, physical assessment, catherization, trach care & suctioning.

$410 (Tuition: $185 Fees: $225)

NUR 006 - Nurse Refresher-Part II: Clinical

Clinical practicum component prescribed by the Maryland Board of Nursing. Medical-surgical clinical experience occurs in an acute care facility in metropolitan Baltimore. Facilities and their locations vary according to availability. The practicum is open ONLY to nurses with a current active or inactive license from the Maryland Board of Nursing. A CCBC Certificate is awarded upon completion. Attendance is mandatory.

$855 (Tuition: $550 Fees: $305)