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Learn the skills necessary to operate Warehouses and Facilities!

Companies today need workers to operate the 21st Century’s increasingly automated warehouses and facilities.

Whether it’s a public warehouse that serves as an intermediary in multiple companies’ supply chains, or a manufacturer’s warehouse where goods are stored as soon as they come off the production line, warehouses and large facilities require workers across a range of skill sets and occupations.

In facility management, we have courses for incumbent workers who seek valued industry credentials to help their productivity or to advance their careers. In warehouse operations, courses in forklift and tractor operation, building maintenance, and OSHA are available.

Warehousing Courses

Facility Management Professional (FMP)®

Prepare to test and earn the important FMP credential from the Facility Management Association. It demonstrates an “excellence” level and understanding of important industry standards.

Sustainable Facility Professional (SFP)®

Learn to test and earn the SFP credential from the Facility Management Association. The SFP credential signifies that an individual has met the standards set forth in the important area of sustainability and environmental responsibility as set by the Association.

Forklift Operator Training

We offer a short, intensive coursework in the safe and efficient operation of forklift equipment in a warehouse and industrial environment.


This 10-hour course covers the basics of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and its workplace standards to ensure safety at all times.

Building Maintenance

Warehouses and facilities need maintenance technicians to keep them running efficiently and to troubleshoot problems as they arise. CCBC offers building maintenance courses that provide the skills to be a building maintenance tech in a multitude of facilities and structures.