Political Science

Political science is devoted to understanding systems of government, political activity and events.

Political science examines the practice of politics and power locally, nationally and on the international stage. Politics plays a critical role in the shaping of our government, our laws, and our society.

Our students are prepared and trained to lead, whether in the private, public or non-profit sector. In today's world, it is critical that the students have a solid comprehension of government and politics. Political Science is designed to promote citizenship and engagement in political issues and events. The uninformed citizen is the easiest one for political leaders and government to take advantage of.

Students who successfully complete the Political Science A.A. Degree will be able to: 
  • write clearly on issues of domestic and international politics;
  • prepare for active citizenship and begin to develop an ongoing interest in national and global politics with participation as a civically engaged member of society;
  • analyze political and policy problems and formulate options and strategies;
  • apply internet and traditional library resources to research key local, state, national and international issues;
  • demonstrate critical thinking and research skills including the ability to form an argument, detect misconceptions about key issues of policy and politics; and
  • evaluate the concepts and theories of major political thinkers, authors and philosophers.
  • analyze and formulate arguments, working cooperatively with other students, and developing an appreciation for multiple and diverse points of view.