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School of Writing, Literacy and Languages

The School of Writing, Literacy and Languages at CCBC offers a holistic approach to education, which broadens students’ perspectives by exposing them to new ideas.

This approach facilitates success and achievement through academic and critical literacies, language acquisition, and global awareness. Specifically, the department provides courses which develop critical thinking, reading, and language while promoting global awareness, intercultural competence, and diversity.



The English department provides instruction in writing and literature in traditional, blended, and online class settings.

We offer a transfer a variety of transfer patterns, including creative writing and courses in business communication and technical writing. Our literature courses include surveys of American, British, and Global Literature as well as several specialty courses, most of which meet general education and/or diversity requirements for graduation and transfer.

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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

CCBC offers a comprehensive ESOL program to help international students and immigrants develop the English language skills they need to succeed in U.S. academic and business environments.

If English is not your native language, CCBC's English for Speakers of Other Language classes are just what you need. You will progress through the ESOL classes at a pace that will improve your writing and reading skills and progress toward proficiency in listening and speaking. Improving your English skills will help you gain confidence and increase your ability to communicate in the classroom and workplace.

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World Languages

Learning another language has many benefits that are both practical and life-enhancing. Speaking another language certainly helps world travelers, but more than that, language skills can make you a more competitive job seeker.

The study of world languages expands one’s perspective on human experience and is key to understanding art, literature, music and culture. Many students also pursue learning a language to get in touch with their own cultural heritage.

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