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Departmental Exams — Credit by Examination

You may already have the knowledge required for college credit.

At CCBC, we realize that many arrive to us already having gained college level learning in a subject area and mastered the content of certain courses. CCBC Departmental Examinations are the equivalent to passing a cumulative, end-of-the-term examination or a series of comparable exams. Examinations vary depending on the type of course challenged. Passing them can earn you college credit at CCBC

Get started with a Departmental Exam

  • See if a course you are planning to take is listed below in the approved list of Departmental Exams.
  • Review the Common Course Outline of that course, you will have to demonstrate knowledge in at least 70% of the learning objectives.
  • Initiate meeting to secure Departmental Exam candidate approval signature, email pla@ccbcmd.edu.
  • Pay the assessment fees (currently 50% of the current in-county tuition rate).
  • Score at least a 70% on the exam to obtain the credits.

Departmental Exams @ CCBC

Departmental Examinations Credits Awarded
ACCT 101 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACCT 102 Principles of Accounting II 3
AIRC 110 HAVCR Safety, Tools, and Methods 3
ALHL 115 Medical Terminology 3
ASLS 101 American Sign Language I 3
ASLS 102 American Sign Language II 3
ASLS 203 American Sign Language III 3
ASLS 204 American Sign Language IV 3
ASLS 206 American Sign Language V 3
AVMT 141 Private Pilot Ground School 3
CRJU 112 Criminalistics 3
CSIT 130 Comprehensive Word Processing 3
CSIT 132 Comprehensive Spreadsheets 3
CSIT 134 Comprehensive Databases 3
CSIT 136 Using Windows 3
CSIT 154 Database Concepts 4
CSIT 156 Introduction to SQL using Oracle 3
CSIT 210 Introduction to Programming 4
CSIT 211 Advanced Programming 4
CSIT 212 Visual Basic Programming 4
CSIT 214 Introduction to C/C++ Programming 4
DCOM 217 CISCO I Introduction to Networks 4
DCOM 218 CISCO II Routing and Switching Essentials 4
EDTR 120 Growth and Development 3
EDTR 121 Curriculum and Materials in Early Childhood Education 3
EDTR 122 Infant and Toddler Child Care 3
EMST 105 Emergency Medical Technician Basic 6
HIIT 101, Fundamentals of Health Data Management 3
HIIT 110, Basic Medical Coding 3
HIIT 202 CPT Medical Coding 3
HORT 110 Woody Ornamentals I 3
HORT 210 Woody Ornamentals II 3
ASLS 213 Fingerspelling and Number Use in ASL 3
MDAS 141 Medical Terminology: A Contextual Approach 3
MUSC 101 Fundamentals of Music 3
MUSC 145 Live Sound Reinforcement 3
PEAQ 125 Introduction to Swimming 2
VETT 106 Introduction to Veterinary Technology 2
3World Languages 3

1Departmental examinations are available for many CRJU courses.

2Departmental exams in Math are generally available for classes that do not have CLEP or other standardized testing options. Contact the Mathematics Department on any of the campuses: Catonsville - 443.840.4903; Dundalk - 443.840.3292; Essex - 443.840.1412.

3Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese or Russian 101, 102, 201, and 202 Departmental Exams are available to students that do NOT meet the Maryland High School Articulation Agreement Requirements. Learn more about Dual Credit.

This information is subject to change.