Business Plan Competition Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to participate in the Business Plan Competition, you or your company must either reside in Maryland or plan to do business from Maryland, and one of the following conditions must be met:
  • Current or former CCBC students with at least 15 credit hours successfully completed in any discipline within the last five years.
  • An alumnus of CCBC who has graduated with a credit degree or credit certificate.
  • A non-credit graduate of any program/certificate or apprenticeship program offered by CCBC. (List of programs/certificates that are eligible including Small Business Ownership program.)
  • A student in the final year of a non-credit apprenticeship program offered by CCBC.

Those who already have a business started may participate as long as they meet one of the criteria above and are:

  • a registered business in good standing with the State of Maryland, or your business is exempt. You may be exempt if you are a sole proprietor or self-employed.
  • have less than $75,000 in annual revenue,
  • no more than 2 full-time employees, and
  • haven’t been in business for more than 3 years. 
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You can participate individually or as a team. At least one team member must meet the eligibility requirements. The eligible team member must already be either an owner/co-owner of the business or will be an owner/co-owner once the business is launched. All participants should thoroughly read all disclosures and terms & conditions before applying to the competition. Previous winners of the competition are not eligible.

Types of businesses that are not eligible include franchisees, multi-level marketing and network marketing companies such as Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware, Nu Skin, Mary Kay, and other similar companies. Businesses promoting adult products, gambling, pornography or other illicit products that run contrary to the values of CCBC and Maryland laws are also prohibited.