Update Your Personal Information

It's important that your name, current address, phone number and Program of Study are correct in the student information system.  Should any of your personal information change, please be sure to update the college. To update your name, address, or phone number submit a Change of Student Information form* and all required documentation to any Enrollment Services Center or the Registrar's Office.  To update your Program of Study or Catalog Year submit a Catalog Year Change Form to any Enrollment Services Center or the Registrar's Office.


Documentation is required to make an official name change. Submit any of the following:
  • Marriage License
  • Court order
  • Divorce Decree
  • Government issued ID (driver's license, valid(non-expired) passport, military ID)

Preferred First Name

CCBC implemented a Preferred first name policy that allows students to indicate their preferred first name regardless of whether they have changed their legal name.  Your preferred name will be used for CCBC email, faculty class roster, CCBC student ID cards, Brightspace and the student portal. Your preferred name will NOT appear on transcripts, SIMON class rosters, tax, billing or financial aid information.  You can submit a Change of Student Information form to any Enrollment Services Center, the Registrar's Office or update through SIMON.

Social Security Number

(used only on the Application for Admission)

An original Social Security Card is required for correction to a social security number. To assist with the request for SSN or TIN information, refer to the Request for Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number form.

Address/Change of Residency

Two forms of documentation are required for a street address change and/or change of residency. An employer or post office box address cannot be used as an address. Present two or more of the following documents dated three months before the start of the enrollment period when moving to Maryland or Baltimore County.
  • State ID or information card for ID
  • Utility bill (gas/electric, phone, cable)
  • Bank statement
  • IRS tax transcript
  • Lease or rental agreement
  • Voter's registration card
  • Documents presented after the last day of the third week of classes, or after 20% equivalence of the semester or session, will be reviewed and considered for the next term. See the CCBC catalog on How to Determine Residency Status for more details

Phone Number

Submit a Change of Student Information form to update your phone number and/or email address

Program of Study

Submit a Program of Study or Catalog Year Change form to update your Program of Study or Catalog Year. Refer to the programs to make your selection.

*Please view in either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to fill it out the form directly.