Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not participating in the commencement ceremony. Do I still need to apply for graduation?
Yes. All students intending to graduate are required to submit a graduation application and pay the graduation application fee, including students who are not participating in the commencement ceremony.

What is the difference between applying to graduate and the commencement ceremony?
Applying to Graduate - is a request to have your academic records reviewed for completion of your program. If requirements are met, your degree and/or certificate is awarded and is posted to your transcript.

Commencement Ceremony - celebrates the completion of a degree(s). Participation in the commencement ceremony does not imply that you have officially graduated. The commencement ceremony is reserved for students earning a degree(s).

What happens after I submit my graduation application?
Your graduation application and academic record will be reviewed to ensure you have met or will meet (if currently enrolled) graduation requirements by the end of the term for which you applied to graduate. If you earned credits at another college that may transfer to your CCBC program, submit a recent and official transcript with grades and credits. Plan ahead to allow sufficient time for the evaluation to be completed.

Applicants receive an email confirming their graduation status 2-3 weeks after the application has been received and reviewed. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.

A second academic review is completed at the end of semester, when final grades are posted. Students meeting graduation requirements will have their degrees (or certificates) awarded and posted to their transcripts. Students who do not meet requirements will receive a graduation status email outlining the outstanding requirements.

Students graduating in May should expect to receive their diploma or certificate in the mail by the end of July. Students graduating in August should expect to receive their diploma or certificate in the mail by the end of October. Students graduating in December should expect to receive their diploma or certificate in the mail by the end of February. Diplomas and certificates are shipped through Parchment Diploma Services approximately 6-8 weeks after the end of the semester.  Diplomas are mailed to the address on file with the college or to the address updated through Parchment by the student.  Please be sure to confirm an accurate email address and mailing address are on file with the college by logging on to your SIMON account.

Graduates earning a degree will be notified in March/April about cap and gown orders. Timely communication is dependent upon receipt of the Graduation Application by the posted due dates. Please submit graduation application by posted deadline.

What are the qualifications for graduating with Honors?
Honors graduates are recognized for achieving the following grade point averages:
  • Cum laude - 3.40 to 3.59
  • Magna cum laude - 3.60 to 3.79
  • Summa cum laude - 3.80 to 4.00

If you graduate with Honors, you will be recognized with an Honors designation on both your diploma and transcript. You will also receive a gold tassel with your cap and gown order.

What if I am working towards more than one degree and/or certificate?
If you will complete requirements for more than one degree and/or certificate, submit a separate graduation application for each award. Be sure to enter the correct program title on your application.

What if I need to postpone my graduation?
Your graduation application is valid for two consecutive semesters. After two semesters you may reapply at no cost. Please keep CCBC informed of your intentions.

If there is break in your attendance of two or more consecutive years you will need to meet the degree or certificate requirements of the catalog in effect when you returned to the college.