Math Study Skills Guide

Forget what you've heard, math is practical, exciting, and fun! The CCBC Math department has designed this study guide to help you, our students, appreciate and excel in mathematics.

Included in this guide, are examples taken from CCBC's elementary algebra course (MATH 082 Introductory Algebra). The individual chapters are each three to 13 pages in length. They will help you understand the core math concepts you need to succeed in college.

Chapter 1: High School, College: Is there a difference?
Chapter 2: How do I read a math textbook?
Chapter 3: How do I make the most of class time
Chapter 4: How do I take and use notes?
Chapter 5: How do I make homework work for me?
Chapter 6: Can someone HELP me? Using the available resources
Chapter 7: Studying in Perspective - preparing for exams
Chapter 8: How do I do my best on a test?