How to request a Sitecore form

Sitecore has a built-in form feature to collect data from users on the CCBC website. Forms created in Sitecore can be embedded seamlessly onto CCBC page(s).

Steps to request a Sitecore form

1. Familiarize yourself with our data collection standards

Sitecore forms (like most online forms, including Google and Office 365) are not secure and cannot collect sensitive/confidential information or any information protected by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) or Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Any form request attempting to obtain the above sensitive/protected information, will not be approved or posted on the CCBC website.

View examples of data protected by state and federal law and college policy »

2. Download a content template

We have developed a template to assist you in writing content for a new Sitecore form.

Form template: Be sure to complete the entire content template. This includes the 'Web Marketing Data' at the bottom of the template. We use this information to market the new form. Learn more about search engine optimization »

3. Write content for the form

We have developed form design standards to help guide you through the form creation process. Use the following form design when creating your form:
  • Keep the form short.
  • Group the related fields together.
  • Know when to use radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdowns.
  • Distinguish optional and required fields.
  • Explain formation requirements for responses.
  • Identify CCBC employees who will receive the form.
Read more on CCBC's Form Design Standards »

4. Email the completed template

Submit your request to the Web Management Team. Email the completed template to the Web Content Managers, Melanie Hotaling and Vanessa Pratnicki.

Next Steps

The Web Management Team will review your requested form to ensure that the data to be collected does not violate our data collection standards and that the form design standards are followed.

Upon approval we will add the request to our queue. Next, we'll design and develop a Sitecore page and form around the submitted template. This process can take two to six weeks to complete. You will be notified once the form is published to the live site. Please note that only the Web Team can make edits to Sitecore forms. If adjustments are needed to an existing form, please contact Melanie Hotaling or Vanessa Pratnicki.


Sitecore forms are intended for use with the public facing website and should be designed for CCBC’s primary and secondary audiences. If an internal employee form is needed, please utilize the forms feature available within CCBC’s intranet, such as SharePoint, Office 365, etc.