What is right for the CCBC website

www.ccbcmd.edu is our largest and most visible publication serving the marketing and communications needs of the college. It promotes the college and informs the public of what CCBC has to offer.

Always consider who your audience is for any page before posting. If the content is of broad interest to the community, then it goes on the CCBC website.

We should always keep our audience in mind as we think about what we are trying to accomplish on the website – it is about them, not us. There is always a lot going on at CCBC, but that does not necessarily mean it should be on the website.

Content that is meant for our inter-office audience (faculty and staff) is better suited on our intranet.

Rogue sites

All CCBC web content must be hosted and/or authorized by CCBC. We do not allow unauthorized third-party sites hosted outside of the CCBC domain (ccbcmd.edu), such as WordPress, Weebly, or Wix, to advertise CCBC programs, services and student recruitment. The Web Management Team will remove links to sites found to be in violation of this policy. If your department needs a larger web presence, please visit our Sitecore Resources page for more information.