Sitecore has a built-in form feature to collect information on the CCBC website.

Forms created in Sitecore can be embedded seamlessly onto CCBC page(s). You will receive an email notification every time the form is filled out.

Sitecore forms are intended for use with the public facing website and should be designed for CCBC’s primary and secondary audiences. If an internal employee form is needed, please utilize the forms feature available within CCBC’s intranet, such as SharePoint, Office 365, etc.

How to get started

To request a Sitecore form, please complete the following:

Things to keep in mind when requesting a form:

Sitecore forms are not secure so you cannot collect restricted information (SSNs, credit card data, passwords, or other sensitive/confidential information) or any information protected by HIPAA or FERPA. Refer to the data collection section for more information.

  • What information does your form need to collect?
  • Which fields are required information for the form to be submitted?
  • Which email address(es) would you like the entries to be sent to?