Content Maintenance and Management

The CCBC website is a shared resource and responsibility. Writing compelling content for the web is just the first step – once content is live on the college website, it needs to be maintained.

This means doing the work needed to ensure all content on the website is relevant, accurate and current and that it is in accordance with our standards. Content maintenance can range from something as simple as correcting a typo on a page, to something as complex as reorganizing or rewriting pages.

Ultimately, if users find content that is wrong, contradictory or out-of-date, it has a huge negative impact on the overall credibility of the CCBC website. For this reason, the Web Management Team reserves the right to remove out-of-date content featured on the site.

Guidelines to keep content accurate and fresh

Do not duplicate content that already exists on the website; link to it instead

It is critical that we do not duplicate content, this can and will confuse web users. It will also lead to having misinformation on the college website. For example, if you duplicate content from another department, when they update their page the information you copied will be out of date and wrong. We encourage internal linking and content reuse. So if there is a piece of content you feel will benefit being on a page you are responsible for editing, link to that page or contact the Web Management Team about reusing the content chunk on other pages.

Create content that is timeless and avoid posting content that contains dates or can quickly become stale

An easy indicator for web users that a site is not being maintained and in turn not trustworthy is the existence of past dates. If a date is entered in the content of a page, it is the responsibility of the content contributors and owners to remove or update these items immediately after the date in question passes. Equally so, content should be reviewed for words that fix information in time when it no longer applies. For example, do not describe something as “new,” “proposed” or “upcoming.”

Review content regularly to keep it from becoming out of date

Create content that your department has the resources to maintain. Make a plan to maintain the content.

Always keep in mind that web publishing is not instantaneous. You will need to know which content needs to be updated regularly, schedule time to make the necessary updates and account for the approval workflows involved. Plan for, at minimum, monthly reviews of all content within your purview. Check for accuracy, examine links and make improvements prior to the start of each semester.

Outdated content misinforms our audience and we do not want that. Any content that is not properly maintained will be edited or removed from the college website at the discretion of the Web Management Team.

Pay attention to personnel changes, office locations and contact information

These items can change with shifts in responsibility or employee turnover. Inaccuracies here can have an impact on our users’ confidence in your content and CCBC as an organization.

Do not archive content on the website

Sitecore is not the platform to house archival information. If it is no longer relevant, remove the content and if necessary request the Web Management Team to remove the page altogether. Content that is no longer useful for our target audiences does not need to be present on the website. It provides no value and hurts our credibility.

Plan your content strategy

Ensure your content stays relevant, accurate and is posted on time by having a well laid out plan, such as a content calendar.

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The CCBC website will only advertise active programs listed in the CCBC catalog. If a CCBC credit or non-credit program is discontinued, suspended or still awaiting MHEC approval, this program will not be advertised on the CCBC website.