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Amani Nkere

CCBC Graduate, Theater, Fine and Performing Arts, '22

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Nkere enjoys being in the classroom just as much as he enjoys being on stage.

Amani Nkere enrolled in CCBC in Spring 2020 to continue his educational journey and experience college. Nkere, a Theatre, Fine and Performing Arts major who has autism, enjoys being in the classroom just as much as he enjoys being on stage.

“In my first year I was a little nervous, but thanks to the encouragement of my family I got over my fear,” said Nkere. “And now CCBC is not just a school. It’s like home for me.”

Nkere credits CCBC’s Male Student Success Initiative (MSSI), a program designed to provide mentoring and other resources to improve graduation rates for male students of color, for helping to keep him on track.

“Despite being autistic, I [have] overcome all obstacles, and what got me motivated was the MSSI program,” he said. “They showed me how the program can help me succeed at CCBC.”

Nkere said that he has learned to be better at time management and to head to school on time prepared to learn. He even received an award from MSSI for his accomplishments.

MSSI can help students at CCBC succeed as college students as they prepare to spread their wings and fly. I have seen some men of color struggling, and the faculty and staff are doing whatever they can to help them succeed.

Nkere took an interest in CCBC’s Fresh Faces student ambassador program, and when it was time to apply, he decided it was his turn to shine.

“I think it is important for me to get involved in CCBC so I can let my voice be heard and let my actions speak louder than words and be proud of myself no matter what anyone thinks,” said Nkere. “Thanks to the encouragement of my family, which I used as a tool and a strength, I kept pushing forward. Here I am racing to the top.”

For incoming CCBC students, it is important to do the work, be yourself and not let anyone change who you are.

Since starting at CCBC, he believes he has grown more mature, motivated and hardworking.

“What makes me #CCBCProud is all of my hard work and determination that I have been putting in – both inside and outside of CCBC – not only just for myself, but for my friends and most of all for my family,” he said. “To be honest, it took a lot of effort to be the person I am today.”

After graduating from CCBC with an associate degree in Theater and Acting, Nkere transferred to Morgan State University to pursue a double major in Screenwriting and English.