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Lavar Williams

CCBC Graduate, General Studies, '22

Profile photo of Lavar Williams

CCBC in three words: life-changing, success.

Life had been a juggling act for Lavar Williams. Not only did he worked full time, but also attended CCBC full time. Keeping all the balls in the air wasn’t easy, but CCBC’s flexible online programs and supportive faculty made it possible. In December 2022 he graduated with an associate degree in General Studies.

I give so much thanks to CCBC for my success and my academic experience,"  Williams said. “I have learned a lot about myself and have had many ups and downs.”  

When Williams graduated from high school, he didn’t have money to go to college and live away from home. Then he heard about CCBC and its affordability.

“I chose CCBC because I wanted the college experience, but I wasn’t able to go far away, and CCBC happened to be the closest college,” he said.

I was a little nervous to go to college, but I heard all my friends talking about CCBC as a good route, so I took the opportunity, and I just went for it.

Williams applied for admission and was awarded enough grants and scholarships to cover his tuition fully. Once at CCBC, he jumped right into his coursework, earning a 4.0 GPA his first two semesters, joining many clubs, and participating in the Honors Program. He also took a work-study job in the Student Success Center.

Ironically, Williams was not an involved student in high school. So, what brought about the change at CCBC?

“I think it was because I was around people who were on similar journeys as me,” Williams said. “Also, I looked at [college] as a fresh start.”

Majoring in General Studies allowed Williams to explore many different disciplines. For example, he could take a course on medical terminology one day, and then a theater class – acting is his passion – the next. Most of his courses, however, had a health care focus. He worked full-time as a hospital emergency room tech and planned to transfer to a four-year university to study radiology.

“I love the variety of offered courses at CCBC and I truly believe that without the online courses, my success rate would have been different,” Williams said. “I have been taught by some of the best professors, which I credit for my success as a scholar.”

What advice would he give to someone who is undecided but considering attending a community college?

“Just do it,” Williams said. “What is the worst that can happen?”