Catonsville Athletics







Administrator of CCBC Catonsville Athletics

Greg Witkop

Dean of College Life Caroline Scott 443-840-3443
Director of College Athletics
Title IX Coordinator for CCBC Athletics
Brian Farrell 443-840-4419
Administrator of Athletic Operations Sarah Devlin 443-840-4430
Administrative Assistant for Athletics Terri Booth 443-840-4197
Athletic Trainer Ethan Urbansky 443-840-4421
Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob Hess 443-840-4169
Aquatics Director Michael Wehner 443-840-4175
Baseball Dan Blue 443-840-4996
Basketball (Men)/Academic Coordinator Randy Gregory 443-840-4857
Lacrosse (Men) Bill Zopp 443-840-5093
Lacrosse (Women) Tom Taylor 443-840-4939
Soccer (Men) Kenan McCoy 443-840-5528
Soccer (Women) Patrick Corbett 443-840-4207
Softball Chuck Slater 443-840-4197
Volleyball Raquel Rogers 443-840-4527
Athletics Specialist William Allewalt 443-840-4430
Athletics Specialist Dan Rolandelli 443-840-5793
Athletics Specialist Craig Tyler 443-840-5793
Facilities Technician Ahmed Hooper (part time) 443-840-4430
Facilities Technician Katelyn Joy (part time) 443-840-4197
Facilities Technician Dan Druzgala 443-840-4430
Facilities Technician Donald Woolfrey 443-840-4430
Public Address Announcer Richard Keller  
Official Scorer Ryan Oksman   
Scoreboard Operators/Scorekeeper Louise Keller  

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