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Community Colleg of Baltimore County's School of Justice


The Accounting Program provides basic accounting knowledge to students planning to enter the profession at a junior level in business and/or government. To achieve this goal, students will develop proficiency in accumulating, recording, classifying and interpreting financial data for an economic entity. In addition to preparing/ maintaining accounting records from the date of the original transaction through a full accounting cycle, students will learn the theory and practice of statement preparation and presentation. Learn more...


Degree/Certificate Options:

Accounting A.A.S.

Accounting Certificate

Business Accounting Certificate

Course Descriptions

Accounting common course outlines

Program Coordinators:

CCBC Catonsville, Jim Bryant
443-840-4204 or jbryant@ccbcmd.edu

CCBC Dundalk/Essex, Regina Shea
443-840-1858 or rshea@ccbcmd.edu