About CCBC


About CCBC

The Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) is ranked among the number one providers of undergraduate education, workforce development, technology training, and lifelong learning/life enrichment in the Baltimore Metropolitan area. Rooted in the community since 1957, CCBC offers a unique approach to learning that empowers people to transform their lives. Nationally recognized as a leader in innovative learning strategies, CCBC educates nearly 65,000 people each year, including more than half of all Baltimore County residents attending undergraduate college. CCBC’s Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development is the preferred training partner for Maryland businesses, serving more than 100 employers annually with customized employee development training.

1. CCBC is among Maryland’s largest and most powerful higher education providers.

  • Nearly 65,000 students enroll in CCBC each year.
  • CCBC enrolls more than half of all Baltimore County residents attending undergraduate college.
  • CCBC offers more than 50 different associate degrees and more than 100 different certificate programs – more than other colleges in the Maryland region.
  • Through its lifelong learning and enrichment programs, CCBC empowers people to transform their lives – from toddlers to seniors.

2. CCBC is the number one provider of work force development in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

  • Annually, CCBC provides workforce development to more than 100 employers in the Baltimore metropolitan area.
  • More than 90 percent of CCBC graduates remain in Maryland, making significant contributions to the local workforce.
  • Specialized continuing education credits and certifications give CCBC students an edge in the workplace, helping them to advance in their careers and increase their salaries.
  • CCBC provides customized employee development training for some of Maryland’s most high profile companies, such as GM Powertrain and H&S Bakery

3. CCBC offers a top-notch, comprehensive college education at a very affordable price.

  • CCBC provides students with a fantastic alternative to the four-year college without sacrificing a high level of education or college life experience.
  • CCBC graduates go on to attend some of the nation’s finest colleges and universities, many on scholarship.
  • CCBC’s yearly cost for a full-time student averages $2,200, a price high school graduates can afford. Full-time students at other public colleges typically pay about $8,000 annually for their educations.
  • Students spend less than half the national average for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at CCBC.
  • A CCBC graduate will earn approximately 36.5 percent more than a student with a high school diploma or GED.

4. CCBC is laser-focused on creating a holistic learning environment that empowers students to transform their lives.

  • CCBC puts a strong emphasis on one-on-one career and transfer counseling for its students to ensure that students’ time at the college is spent wisely and that they are prepared to achieve their life goals.
  • CCBC empowers students to learn any time, any place and any way, with convenient course options day, evening, weekends, online, at a variety of sites close to home and in the workplace.
  • CCBC offers thousands of non-credit courses and certification options, providing valuable training and life enrichment skills to people of all ages.
  • CCBC assumes responsibility for developing each student’s full potential and implements many different support mechanisms to ensure the success of each student.
  • CCBC’s classes are all taught by highly trained and credentialed faculty, not teacher assistants, providing the highest level of teaching.

5. CCBC offers the most accessible college education of any Maryland higher education institution.

  • Through its many programs, CCBC makes receiving a college education accessible to all people regardless of their race, age, educational and financial backgrounds (e.g. Parallel Enrollment Program and College Readiness program).
  • CCBC offers programs on three campuses, putting higher education within convenient reach of Baltimore metropolitan area residents.
  • In addition to the three primary campuses, CCBC has three satellite campuses (Hunt Valley, Owings Mills and White Marsh) located throughout the Baltimore metropolitan region to help make it easier for people to obtain a college education. CCBC also has a presence in community high schools, senior centers, and community centers throughout Baltimore County.
  • CCBC’s online learning program provides students with easy-to-access alternatives to commuting to one of the campuses.
  • Everyone has open access to a CCBC education without having to meet prerequisites such as taking the SATs.

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