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Summer Camps 2015

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Information for parents with children in the Essex camps (updated info coming in June 2015)
Information for parents with children in Dundalk, Catonsville or Owings Mills camps (updated info coming in June 2015)
PARKING PASS for the Essex Campus (Pick-Up/Drop-Off) (Summer 2015 pass to be issued Juned 2015)

Performing Arts Adventure Camp, Circus Camp, Extended Hours, Camp Counselor-In-Training

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Full Day Camps

Half Day Camps

For more than 40 years, parents have been enrolling their children in the Summer Learning Adventures Camps. This year our offerings include time-honored subjects that parents have come to expect from CCBC in the areas of performing and visual arts, academics, languages and more. Students from 7 – 17 years old will be able to tap into their creative talents, explore career areas, expand their computer interests and hone academic skills. We subscribe to a “hands on” approach to learning where the student and the instructor partner in the learning process. This helps to assure they experience the pride, wonder and joy of learning about their world, their communities and themselves.

Program features:

  • Highly qualified and caring professional instructors
  • Summer Learning Adventures Camp licensed and certified by the State of Maryland
  • Convenient locations in Catonsville, Essex, Dundalk and Owings Mills
  • Reasonable prices
  • Multiple sibling discount offered for the Performing Arts Adventure Camp
  • Air conditioned college facilities
  • Opportunity to meet students with similar interests and create new friendships
  • Individual attention – high counselor/instructor-to-student ratio
  • Experienced and trained counselors who are excellent role models

Our camps are designed to appeal to a variety of students; one does not need to have a particular talent in order to attend. There are no pretests, prerequisites, auditions or reviews. All we ask is that our students come to us with a strong and sincere interest in the subject area and are ready to work with enthusiasm.

Camps at CCBC Essex

Camps held at the Essex campus allow you to choose the full day Performing Arts camp, Circus Camp, New Adventures with American Girls, and Counselor-in-Training, or a series of half-day classes to create a personalized full-day camp experience. Students registering for four weeks of full-day camp receive extended hours at a reduced rate of $134 for four weeks. Only those who choose the full-day camps or two half-day sessions will be eligible to register for extended hours and lunch care. Lunch period is 12-1pm Monday through Friday. Students must bring a bag lunch that does NOT require refrigeration. There is a full-service cafeteria where students can purchase lunch for a nominal fee. Vending machines are also available on campus so have plenty of change or $1 bills.

Full-Day camps - Half-Day Camps

Camp Counselor-in-Training (Ages 16-18)
Learn to improve leadership qualities while discovering what it takes to supervise a group of camp students.

4 Week Camp
Total Cost: $369 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $369)


70004 M-F(20) 7/6-31 9am-4pm EC

Camp Counselor-in-Training – Mini (Ages 16-18)
2 Week Camp

Total Cost: $199 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $199)


70002 M-F(10) 7/6-17 9am-4pm EC

70003 M-F(10) 7/20-31 9am-4pm EC

Circus Camp (Ages 7-11)
Explore the world of a circus performer. This non-competitive and challenging art form combines physical activity with cultural arts. Includes acrobatics, juggling, improvisation, clowning, stilt walking, tight wire and other circus experiences. Conclude the camp with a thrilling circus performance. Sneakers and comfortable clothing or leotards recommended.
Total Cost: $264 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $264)


70143 M-F(5) 7/13-17 9am-3pm EC

Kids @ CCBC Newsroom (Ages 10-14)
In 3-2-1- Take! Campers will create and participate in all aspects of producing a CCBC News Broadcast. They will learn the skills necessary to be a successful news anchor, reporter, social media manager, and camera audio technician. The last day of camp will feature a live news broadcast for family and friends.
Total Cost: $375 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $375)


70082 M-F(10) 7/13-24 9am-3pm EC

Performing Arts Adventure Camp (Ages 8-13)
Experience the theater from all aspects: acting, dancing, singing, costuming, makeup, staging and critiquing. Roles assigned based on desire and willingness to work, not skill level. Final performance showcases the camp experience. Campers enrolled in the three-week option may not be able to participate fully in all performances. Attendance during the final week is recommended. Payment plans must be set-up with our summer camp registration specialist. For payments only, please call 443-840-1243.

3 Week Camp
Total Cost: $635 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $635)
2nd Child – Total Cost: $615 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $615)


70083 M-F(15) 7/6-24 9a.m-3p.m EC

70084 M-F(15) 7/6-24 9a.m-3p.m EC

4 Week Camp
Total Cost: $789 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $789)
2nd Child – Total Cost: $765 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $765)


70085 M-F(20) 7/6-31 9am-3pm EC

70086 M-F(20) 7/6-31 9am-3pm EC

Young Entrepreneurs (Ages 12-16)
Attention aspiring young entrepreneurs! Learn how to turn an idea into a business! This is a hands-on experience to build confidence in innovation and creativity, while learning business and finance basics. Participate in fun activities like a quiz game, develop a plan for a teen club, and use technology to launch a fictional online business where the decisions you make will determine the success of the business. Who knows—this may be the first step toward launching your own business!
Total Cost: $264 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $264)


70151 M-F(10) 7/6-10 9am-4pm EC

70150 M-F(10) 7/20-24 9am-4pm EC


Extended Hours One Week (CCBC Essex only in July)
Full-day camps offered at the Essex campus only feature an extended hours option from 7:30-9am and 3-6pm. These extensions must be paid at time of registration. Students registering for four weeks of full day camp receive extended hours at a reduced rate of $144 for four weeks. Please use the following course reference numbers on your registration form if you need this package. Extended hours only offered from 7/6-31. Includes lunch care.

Extended Hours: One Week
Total Cost: $79 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $79)


70007 M-F(5) 7/6-10 7:30am-6pm EC

70008 M-F(5) 7/13-17 7:30am-6pm EC

70009 M-F(5) 7/20-24 7:30am-6pm EC

70010 M-F(5) 7/27-31 7:30am-6pm EC

Extended Hours: Four Weeks
Total Cost: $139 (Tuition: $0 Fees: $139)


70011 M-F(20) 7/6-31 7:30am-6pm EC

Morning and afternoon classes may be combined for a full-day camp experience. Extended hours and lunch care are required for full-day classes.

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